About Us

When you call Dynamic Integrated Security, a live person will address your concerns in real time, not a machine. We provide immediate, 24-hour emergency response services. Our supervisors are linked directly with field and headquarters personnel via a sophisticated two-way digital voice communications system.

Our services include security assessments in order to identify organizational and operational systems strengths and weaknesses. Dynamic Integrated Security provides the architectural and engineering resources necessary to develop programs needed for optimal protection. Our expertise includes: workplace violence prevention; electronic systems design; access entry control; closed circuit television; communications and control; organization, policy and procedures; guard force development; executive protection; expert witness testimony and consulting; disaster planning and emergency preparedness; and critical incident management.

Dynamic Integrated Security assists all of its clients in the development of customized cutting-edge security systems and programs to enhance protection. Too often a security system’s problems are only realized after a situation has occurred. That is why Dynamic Integrated Security approach is to conduct an analysis to identify the components that may cause future complications.

What We Do

Effective security requires human vigilance supported by 2lst-century technology. Dynamic Integrated Security makes full use of state-of-the-art video, telecommunications, gate systems, laser and biometric (fingerprint scan) technologies. We offer the option to monitor any area of your property in “real time” using our advanced camera systems. Additionally, our innovative software allows us to operate “smart” gatehouses that ensure the smooth flow of traffic. We can develop, install and operate comprehensive surveillance and/or access control systems that provide convenience— while ensuring complete security of your families, property and community.

Dynamic Integrated Security began seventeen years ago when a group of former members of the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) created the Security Firm, Beit Alfa Security. Their mission was to provide international corporations, such as Nestlé, Wyeth, Amway and others with security services in South America. Dynamic Integrated Security was created six years ago, in order to expand our operations into the U.S. market. We deliver a wide range of customized security solutions to homeowners, businesses, community associations, institutions, etc. We are fully licensed by the State of Florida and carry complete insurance coverage that exceeds the limits of liability required by State Law. Dynamic Integrated Security is based in South Florida.

Our Values


That which holds everything together. We put our collective talents to find the optimal solution for our customers and for ourselves. One person can make a difference, but a lot of people make a lot of difference. We will harness the collective energy of and direct it toward realizing our vision.


The foundation of our success. We plan to execute, and execute our plan. Using innovation, flexibility, speed and agility, we will perform with moral courage and conviction and we will do so against all odds.


Dynamic Integrated Security supports accountability and transparency in the professional military, police, and Security operations industry. We conduct ourselves and our business with honor and integrity; we accept and daily abide by our collective Code of Conduct.


We strive to do not only our best, but to do the best that can be done in all situations and under all circumstances to protect the defenseless and provide a safe environment for all.


We will create the most value using the least amount of resources to achieve the greatest success.